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Micro Teach IdeasIf you are looking for micro teach ideas to improve your lectures, teaching, discussions or demonstrations, you are at the right place.
Micro teaching or micro teach is a term that is used to describe a videotaped practice teaching session. New, existing and potential teachers use this teaching method to get feedback from administrators and fellow teachers as well as to assess their techniques.

Ideas for Micro Teaching

First of all, this type of teaching is done in scaled down sessions with smaller class size and time. For instance, five to ten students would be in class that is held for five to ten minutes. These teaching tasks can include the mastering and practicing of certain teaching skill, such as questioning, lecturing, making a presentation or leading a debate or discussion.

You might be looking for ideas to do a presentation for a PTLLS or Preparing to teach in the lifelong Learning Sector course. When reviewing the PTLLS micro teach ideas, you might discover that the most difficult task is to decide on a topic. A good recommendation is to choose a really simple topic or subject that will not get you flustered and one that everyone is able to participate in.

Choose pretend students who are close to the age of the persons you will encounter in full time, real-life scenarios. This technique will allow critiquing administrators and teachers to evaluate your delivery methods and give more accurate reactions.

One of the other effective ideas for micro teach would be to use peer teachers instead of students. The peer teachers should be encouraged to ask questions and respond to the lessons and questions just like how a student would respond at that age. This technique will give you helpful criticism and feedback. The peer teachers can also give suggestions for improved response techniques or give examples of an acceptable behavior.

Whether students or teachers are used in your teaching sessions, you can use different times for the teaching practice. You could begin one, 5-minute micro teach session to lecture and present a single concept and have one, 10- or 15-minute session to teach an entire lesson. The longer approach will highlight speaking skills, capabilities for starting and ending classes, abilities for topic transitions, organization skills and different learning style.

For 10 minute micro teach ideas, you should select an introductory topic within your discipline. Rather than using a sophisticated content, you would focus more on helping the audience to acquire foundational skills, processes and knowledge. Use different techniques to ensure that students participate actively in the mini-lesson. Decide if you want to do an interactive lecture, a demonstration, a hands-on activity, a role play activity and so on. Bear in mind that PowerPoints and other types of computer technology will be allowed when necessary.

Hopefully these ideas for micro teach will help you to fine tune your lessons for optimal practice teaching. Be sure to take advantage of the video recordings for your private viewing and evaluation.


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