Micro Teach Lesson Plan

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Micro Teach Lesson Plan

Micro Teach Lesson Plan Micro-teaching is an organized form of practice teaching. This is a proven and efficient method that is providing a fun and quick way for teachers to get started. Instructors or teachers use this method to test their skills and knowledge in order to get feedback and support from colleagues and students as well as to gain confidence. Ideally, teachers would design their micro teach lesson plan to use during practice sessions prior to the first day of class. The sessions are videotaped and reviewed later.
The micro teach method is based on a simple principle which involves a short lesson that will last for about five to ten minutes, a pupil teacher, a small group as well as administrators and peer teachers. After the short session, the pupil teacher will get feedback and suggestions from colleagues and supervisors to make improvements to their lesson plan for future use.

Tips To Prepare Micro Teach Lesson Plan

When planning a micro teaching lesson plan, you should remember that six or more teachers from similar courses can take part in a single practice session..

You need to create a micro-teach lesson plan with three main parts: the introductory section, the middle and the ending. As with all assessing/teaching practice, the beginning must outline an objective and an aim. At the end, you will re-visit that section to see if persons learn from the lesson.

Ensure that you choose engaging, creative and interesting micro teach topics. The unique ones usually give better results. If the topic relates to something that you are interested in professionally or personally, your enthusiasm can shine through brilliantly during the delivery.
Sample Micro Teach Lesson Plan

Micro Teach Lesson Plan

It’s always a good idea to practice the lesson plan topic over and over to ensure that the presentation will flow really well within the allotted time. This practice will also give you more confidence and help you to enjoy the micro teaching experience. Just be sure to use a limited amount of slides if your lesson plan includes a PowerPoint presentation. The content must only cover the main points and each slide should have five to six bullet points. This will ensure that your audience is making eye contact and listening to you instead of rushing to catch the slides or focusing entirely on a screen.

When you are using an effective micro teaching technique, the students will learn how to mingle, participate and interact socially. Therefore, your micro teach lesson plan must include topics that will help you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each individual. In the end, you can plan lessons according to the requirements of students at different levels of intelligence.

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