PTLLS Assignment 2

April 20, 2013 | By More

PTLLS AssignmentsPTLLS Assignment 2 is about  preparing a lesson plan for your micro teach session. You normally would be given a template of the format the training organisation uses. In most cases the following are included in most organisation lesson plan format


Aims -What you plan to achieve in the teaching session

Objective-how you intend to achieve the aims

The learning outcome-what learners would learn and understand at the end of the teaching sessions.

Teacher activities- what the teacher hope to be doing at various times of the teaching session

Resources-The resources to  be used at each session of the teaching.e.g flip chart, posters, etc

Assessments-The assessment  that would be carried out at each session to justify knowledge gained

Timing -the time spent on each session normally  in mins

PTLLS Assignment 2 maybe different in some awarding bodies and could be the contents are normally worded  the same


PTLLS Assignments

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