PTTLS Micro Teach Examples

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PTTLS Micro Teach Examples


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Having  PTLLS  Micro Teach Examples to practice with is no doubt one way of excelling in your micro teach session. This is   because you  now have access to sample presentations to help you prepare your own. Apart from that you can amend the samples  to prepare your own micro teach sessions if it suits your own topic .

whilst preparing your micro teach notes and lesson plan you should focus on topics that are of interest to you or that matches your areas of specialisation. Take for example, if you want to become a health and Social care assessor or tutor, you can focus on topics such as ,how to wear hand gloves, how to wear a patient catheter, etc .Although it is not mandatory that you microteach on topics that relates to your area of specialisation but it just help you get a start as you start applying your training to your profession.

It is also important that you design activities, get useful handouts, good resources and make a nice presentation. Check the entire material, look for the mistakes if there are any, and check the grammar, spellings, punctuation because error in your presentation can cost you your credibility. Using videos is also an effective method to illustrate things but as the time is very limited so make sure that your video isn’t long because it will waste your time as this does not counts in your skills and this definitely does not comes under your personal skills. Have a trial run and check the time in which you’ll cover all the material you have prepared to deliver the lecture. In this trial you might come to know that the lecture which you thought will take 30mins ended only in 20mins and you might be asked a lot of questions to keep that in mind to while covering your lecture. You should be having all the required stationary and equipments ready and also keep the watch or clock in the visible position to keep the track of time. Never rely solely on one thing try to have a contingency plan e.g You should be having a hardcopy of your presentation in case there is some error in the equipment.


You can download some of our PTTLS Micro Teach Examples  and ideas to help you get started now

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